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Catch22 - Good Start

So I arrived in the UK on Monday. I found a place that I like after I been everywhere in the city. A... weiterlesen
8.8.09 12:00

The do's and dont's...

I completely forgot how it was 12 years ago when I was in England last time. People don't go beyond ... weiterlesen
14.8.09 18:39


Ich bin jetzt zwei Wochen in England. Die erste Woche tat mir richtig der Kopf weh weil ich keinen J... weiterlesen
15.8.09 15:41

Appologise up to the point...

In any other country you shout at people when they are in the way, run you over in traffic or distur... weiterlesen
15.8.09 16:04

Tesco Sainsbury Asda

It's amazing how much crap you can buy in big supermarkets these days and nobody seems to know where... weiterlesen
16.8.09 13:27


Today I was challenged a diffcult topic. A guy wrote to me on one of my chatwebsites where I'm usual... weiterlesen
17.8.09 19:59

Dick employment

Today all members of staff gathered around a blond girl that seeked emplyoment in the pub. Unfortuna... weiterlesen
18.8.09 17:49

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